Payment Methods

Ways of payment

To serve everyone willing to make purchases from our store, we provide the following payment methods:

1. On-line, using your VISA - MASTERCARD - AMERICAN EXPRESS credit card issued by any bank in the world. Your card is securely charged using PAYPAL services.
2. Bank deposit / remittance. Our company s bank account is:

IBAN: BG63BPBI81701604685067
Beneficiary Name: KEN GROUP LTD


Products and Services Prices

Items shipped from our headquarters are surcharged by 20% VAT in the order form unless the buyer is certified for intrastate EU transactions where tax is excluded. For wholesale prices are depending on user account and are personal. Invoices are issued from our headquarters for all transactions from our headquarters and receipts or invoices from third party vendors. All prices regard items presented on our website. We reserve our right to adjust prices.

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